The Balsam | About Boulder
The Balsam on Broadway is a new development with a limited collection of five luxurious residences in the heart of downtown Boulder.
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About Boulder

World-renowned Boulder, Colorado is located 25 miles northwest of Denver, has a total area of 26 square miles and is nestled at the foot of the famous Flatirons.


Real estate in Boulder is in high demand as the city has implemented less than a 1% growth rate a year on new housing. In addition to this, Boulder has more jobs than housing. All of this creates a very competitive and dynamic real estate market.


In 1967, Boulder became the first city in the nation to purchase land surrounding the city to preserve parks and prevent urban sprawl. This greenbelt now surrounds the city with lush and usable open space enjoyable by all that visit this amazing city.


In recent Gallup polls, Boulder was named both the healthiest and happiest city in America.


Forbes magazine named Boulder the 2nd best city in the world to launch a startup company.